Learning Node: Moving to the Server-Side

Take your web development skills from browser to server with Node—and learn how to write fast, highly scalable network applications on this JavaScript-based platform. Updated for the latest Node Long Term Support (LTS) and Node Current (6.0) releases, this hands-on edition helps you master Node’s core fundamentals and gain experience with several built-in and contributed modules.Get up to speed on Node’s event-driven, asynchronous I/O model for developing data-intensive applications that are frequently accessed but computationally simple. If you’re comfortable working with JavaScript, this book provides many programming and deployment examples to help you take advantage of server-side development with Node.Explore the frameworks and functionality for full-stack Node developmentDive into Node’s module system and package management supportTest your application or module code on the fly with Node’s REPL consoleUse core Node modules to build web applications and an HTTP serverLearn Node’s support for networks, security, and socketsAccess operating system functionality with child processesLearn tools and techniques for Node development and productionUse Node in microcontrollers, microcomputers, and the Internet of Things

Author: Shelley Powers

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