Learning React: A Hands-On Guide to Building Maintainable, High-Performing Web Application User Interfaces Using the React JavaScript Library

High-profile sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Airb2b increasingly rely on React as a core web development tool, and React is rapidly gaining traction amongst web professionals worldwide. Learning React helps you master this breakthrough technology, and leverage it to rapidly build professional web sites and apps of your own. Kirupa Chinnathambi explains how React overcomes long-time UI performance challenges, and helps you make the most of it by mastering its radically new approach to developing web user interfaces.   Offering more clarity, greater depth, and far more useful examples than any competing book, this guide covers all you need to know, from the absolute basics to advanced techniques: Adding React to existing pages, and building your first React app Mastering JSX, rendering elements, and using types, properties, and children Understanding and using React components -- and building your own Working with external data sources Constructing visually complex apps, including games Routing with React Router Building multi-page apps using movie data and basic or expanded views Working with animations Optimizing your React dev environment with Gulp, Browserify, and Flux Testing React apps

Author: Kirupa Chinnathambi

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