Learning React Native

Key FeaturesBuild cross platform native mobile applications starting from no knowledge of the React-Native frameworkApply best practices only experts know aboutUse different mobile APIs beyond the basic camera and geolocationBook DescriptionWeb developers have tried to break into mobile development world for quite a while, but the world of hybrid apps has come to an end! React Native lets web developers create mobile apps in JavaScript.This book introduces you to the React Native framework. It teaches you how to create bestseller apps by following best practices in the industry, with examples and inspiration from Whatsapp, Instagram, and Youtube apps.This book starts with where React Native fits into the world of hybrid apps, and why it’s one of the most popular frameworks.You'll have a look at how React Native works under the hood; compiling JavaScript for native modules to make the bridge between JavaScript and native apps. You will learn how to use the industry standard Redux architecture.The mobile native world can be intimidating, with lots of platform specific APIs. React Native wraps these APIs to be accessible in JavaScript. We take you through the most important ones. We look at APIs for retrieving geo location, accessing the camera, editing images, saving data locally and much more. With all these, you will see real world examples and use cases.You will see examples from Whatsapp, Instagram, Youtube apps and will be able to recreate them yourself. You will learn debugging and testing techniques, authentication, dealing with real data and much more.At the end you will be confident developer of mobile apps with React Native.What you will learnCreate real world native apps with complex animations and stylesGet familiar with important IOS and Android native APIs and access them using React NativeExplore debugging and testing techniques to speed up your developmentConnect your application to real dataExplore best practices for managing your application statePull it all together with a Twitter app cloneDeploy your app to iOS App Store and Google's Play StoreAbout the AuthorVladimir Novick started programming for mobile using React Native around 2015. Coming from more than 15 years of programming for web he was fascinated when React Native came out and gave him the ability to write native apps for both Android and IOS. It gave him the ability to reuse his skills gained in web development and architecture and apply them to the native world. Soon he realized that even though React Native does not cover all native APIs, there are lots of external libraries which do cover them and can be brought to React Native application by using npm - Node package manager. This makes React Native ecosystem constantly evolving by open source contribution.Since then he writes various applications for his clients, participates in meetups, challenges, and hackathons, related to React Native, world-wide. He works on his own projects in React Native and contributes to its development. Lately, he has been working on porting React Native to Internet of things.

Author: Vladimir Novick

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