Learning Redux

Key FeaturesWrite applications that behave consistently, run in different environments (client, server and native), and are easy to testTake your application to the next level by combining the power of Redux with other frameworks, such as React and AngularUncover the principles of Redux to build applications that are powerful, consistent and maintainableBook DescriptionManaging an applications state is crucial for your application to behave consistently and this is where Redux comes into the picture. It provides a state container for applications. This book gives in-depth information on Redux and third party tools needed for a developer to build a robust modern web application in React.The book shows you how to solve common problems in web development such as user authentication and interfacing with third party APIs using Redux. Furthermore, you will see how solve problems with state management such as undo and redo through higher-order reducers and extending Redux via middleware.The book starts with a short introduction to the principles and the ecosystem of Redux, then moves on to show how to implement the basic elements of Redux and put them together. Afterwards, you are going to learn how to integrate Redux with other frameworks, such as React and Angular.Along the way, you are going to develop a blog application. To practice developing growing applications with Redux, we are going to start from nothing and keep adding features to our application throughout the chapters.You are going to learn how to integrate and use Redux DevTools to debug the application, and access external APIs with Redux. You are also going to get acquainted with writing tests for all elements of a Redux application. Afterwards, we are going to cover important concepts in web development, such as routing, user authentication and communication with a backend server.After understanding how to use Redux and seeing how powerful its ecosystem can be, the book teaches you how to make your own abstractions on top of Redux, like higher-order reducers and middleware.By the end of the book, you are going to be able to develop and maintain Redux applications with ease. In addition to learning about Redux, you are going be familiar with its ecosystem, and learn a lot about JavaScript itself, including best practices and patterns.What you will learnUnderstand why and how Redux worksImplement the basic elements of ReduxUse Redux in combination with React/Angular to develop a web applicationDebug a Redux applicationInterface with external APIs with ReduxImplement user authentication with ReduxWriting tests for all elements of a Redux applicationImplement simple and more advanced routing with ReduxServer-side rendering with Redux and ReactCreate higher-order reducers for ReduxExtend the Redux store via middleware

Author: Daniel Bugl

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