Mastering Async/Await

Imagine writing your entire Express API or React app with for loops and if statements. No more deeply nested callbacks or convoluted promise chains. With async/await, you can make that dream a reality.Mastering Async/Await provides a concise and comprehensive guide to async/await fundamentals. You'll learn:* Why React and Express don't support async/await out of the box, and how to work around these frameworks' limitations.* How to evaluate whether your favorite npm modules support async/await.* How promises work under the hood, in excruciating detail, by building a Promises/A+ compliant promise library from scratch.* Why async/await is the perfect complement to promises, rather than an alternative.* How to use async/await to handle errors and keep nasty red error messages out of your Chrome console.Mastering Async/Await packs all this and more into 52 terse pages. That means you can get caught up on modern asynchronous JavaScript in hours, not days. Instead of cobbling together copy/pasted snippets from StackOverflow, become the expert your team goes to for all things async.

Author: Valeri Karpov

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