Mastering Node.js – Second Edition: Build robust and scalable real time server side applications efficiently

Become proficient in building reliable servers and scalable, real time applications.Key FeaturesUnleash the full potential of Node.js 9 for building real-time and scalable applications.Get in-depth knowledge of asynchronous programming, the event loop, and parallel data processing.Explore Node's innovative event non-blocking design, showing you how to build professional applications with the help of detailed examples.Book DescriptionNode.js with its strong features and ability to write server as well as client-side code with JavaScript has become a popular choice amongst developers for building powerful web applications.This book is a deep dive into showing facets of Node which are helpful for creating highly concurrent and scalable real-time applications. It takes you through a concise yet thorough tour of Node's innovative event non-blocking design, showing you how to build professional applications with the help of detailed examples. This edition is updated to incorporate the Node 9 changes. A large, general change is that the code will be modernized to the ES6 patterns available in Node 9. This involves rewriting the code examples themselves and introducing Promises, functional programming, Maps and Sets and other new patterns for writing JavaScript code in Node. We will be also covering Microservices to simplify the design and composition of distributed systems. we will learn how using small, independent “agents” communicating through simple protocols can be organized into dynamic, resilient, and understandable application architectures.Mastering Node.js contains all of the examples and explanations you’ll need to build applications in a short amount of time and at a low cost, running on a scale and speed that would have been nearly impossible just a few years ago.What you will learnCreate secure servers across all major network protocolsBuild an Electron desktop app using Node that manages a filesystemExplore Streams generally and understand how they apply to building HTTP serversDevelop and deploy a customer-service applicationUse the Socket.IO package for rapid bi-directional communicationConstruct serverless applications with Amazon LambdaImplement scaling techniques and parallelize operations across multiple coresWho This Book Is ForThis book is targeted at JavaScript developers who want to ,dive deep into the Node.js 9 framework to create faster, scalable real-time backend applications Basic JavaScript programming knowledge and also some previous Node.js development experience would be necessary to get the best out of this book

Author: Sandro Pasquali

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