Mastering the Faster Web with PHP, MySQL and JavaScript: Develop state of the art Web applications using the latest Web technologies

Make web applications run faster by using advanced PHP, SQL and JavaScript techniquesKey FeaturesUse a customized PHP stack to create efficient data-driven web applicationsEnsure seamless implementation of a JavaScript & HTML 5 CSS based frontend and PHP based backend.Learn about problem identification, best strategies, and UI design patterns as well to build a clean, fast web applicationBook DescriptionThis book will get you started with the latest benchmarking, profiling, and monitoring tools for PHP, MySQL, and JavaScript using Docker-based technologies. The book then progresses towards how to effectively optimize the code and learn asynchronous and parallel programming. You will learn to use SQL performance schemas and benchmarking tools and to implement Modern SQL solutions from installing. From configuring a Reverse Proxy caching server to configuring Web servers to use the HTTP/2 protocol, this book covers all the latest developments in faster web technologies. You'll not only learn to determine the best optimization strategies, but also how to implement them.Moving on, you'll be going the Functional JavaScript way by identifying overly complex JavaScript code and how to make it more efficient by simplifying it and making it more functional in nature. You will then combine different Web technologies in order to boost Web server performance using PHP-FPM, Zend OPCache and Varnish.After reading this book, you'll know how to boost the performance of any Web any web application, you will be able to create a fully functional fast and efficient web application using these above-mentioned tools.What you will learnInstall, configure, and use profiling and benchmarking testing toolsUnderstand how to recognize optimizable data structures and functions to effectively optimize a PHP7 applicationDiagnose bad SQL query performance and discover ways to optimize itGrasp Modern SQL techniques to optimize complex SQL queriesIdentify and simplify overly complex JavaScript codeExplore and implement UI design principles that convey a sense of performanceCombine web technologies to boost web server performanceWho This Book Is For

Author: Andrew Caya

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