Mastering Vue.js

Learn how to create scalable and reactive web applications easily with Vue.jsWho This Book Is ForMastering Vue.js is for anyone who wants to get a deep dive in Vue.jsIn this book we will start from scratch and finish with understanding of all features of Vue. We will go step by step increasing complexity in each chapter. In this book you won't find only theory. All examples for each chapter are real. We will also build three applications with different complexity while you will be reading the book. What You Will LearnHow to build a fully functioning web application in Vue.js from scratch.Project structuring and architecture to avoid unnecessary complexity.How to bring reactivity to an existing static application using Vue.js.How to add animations to Vue.js applicationHow to communicate with APIs via HTTPHow to use Vuex to create centralized state managementIn DetailBuilding frontend nowadays is as difficult as never before. All business logic was moved from backend side to frontend. This makes architecture really difficult. Earlier it was enough to use jQuery and to do just a bit of javascript on page, but now it's really a tough way to build big and scalable project using something as simple as jQuery.There are a lot of frameworks nowadays which are aimed at achieving the best results with creating project of different sizes in easy and pleasant way.I would say that Vue is one of the best in this competition. It's quite new (so you will be on the cutting edge) but there already exist a lot of production applications. Vue has nice learning curve (but you still have a lot to learn) but also takes best from Angular and React frameworks to create projects with different difficulty level. It may be as easy as writing your own blog and may be something really difficult as ecommerce online shop..TechnologiesThis book was written with Vue 2.5.9 and will work with any environment.Table of ContentsCreating first Vue applicationMethods in VueGetting event inside methodListening to keyboard eventsStyling in VueConditions and loopsCreating a recipes projectUnderstanding Vue-cliCreating custom componentsProps in vueCommunication between componentsRefs in VueSlots in VueBuilding tracks admin projectWorking with formsCustom directives and filtersComputed propertiesMixingsCSS and Javascript animationsWorking with servers via HTTPDeep dive in Vue-routerManaging state with VuexBuilding tickets projectDeploying a Vue applicationHomework

Author: Oleksandr Kocherhin

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