Material UI Cookbook: Design and implement modern day material design driven web apps with Material UI and React

Build modern day application by implementing Material Design principles in React applications using Material UI.Key FeaturesGrasp many need React components for UI elementsMaster the style and theme of the tools to go along with these componentsHow to glue all of this with React best practices to build a modern applicationBook DescriptionIf you are looking to implement material design considerations in your web application, then this is the ideal book for you. Here, we will be showing you how you can create impressive modern day web apps using React and material UI. The primary objectives of this book will be the following: 1. Uses several Material UI components to compose larger UI functionality. 2.Heavily focuses on proper React best practices in conjunction with Material UI components (Properly using state, context, and other new React 16/17 features).The book will start from Layout and Navigation then diving into presenting the information with material ui components. It will talk about user interactions and the different components for the same.The reader should by the end of the book should be able to also understand how to improve the look and feel of your applications using material UI components.What you will learnLearning to build the overall structure, layout, and navigation for your Material UI app.Learning to present simple and complex information in a variety of ways.Build interactive and intuitive controls.Designing portable themes and styles for all of your Material UI apps.Who This Book Is ForThey are JavaScript developers who have some basic knowledge of React and would want to implement Material Design principles in React applications using Material UI. The reader wants to build a user interface using React components but doesn’t want to invent their own style or UX framework.About the AuthorAdam Boduch is a seasoned web application developer with a breadth of experience ranging from jQuery to React and everything in between. He is the author of over 10 books, including React Tooling and React Essentials.

Author: Adam Boduch

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