MongoDB: Master MongoDB with Simple Steps and Clear Instructions, 2nd Edition, Revised and Enlarged (From Zero to Professional Book 5)

This book is a discussion of the functionalities of MongoDB, which is one of the leading NoSQL databases. The first part of the book is an introduction to the user, and especially the beginners. They are guided on the basic features of MongoDB. The process of creating a databases and collections in MongoDB has been discussed in this part. You will also know how to insert data into the collections, update and delete it. The vocabularies which are commonly used in MongoDB have also been discussed under this section. You are also guided on how to perform the basic write operations at the various levels of safety and speed. The process of creating complex queries in MongoDB has been discussed. The book guides you on how to create an application making use of MongoDB and Java programming language. Map Reduce, sharding, aggregation, back up and restoration processes have also been discussed. Here is a preview of what you'll learn: Get started with MongoDB core concepts and vocabulary Performing basic write operations at different levels of safety and speed Creating complex queries Applications with MongoDB Map Reduce Sharding Backup Aggregation Indexing

Author: Daniel Perkins

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