Node in the Network: Scaling and Deploying Modern App Architectures

How do you handle API method deprecation over time? Or simultaneously support multiple versions of the same API? How do you partition an application by function in a scalable environment? This practical book provides developers, DevOps practitioners, software architects, and IT managers with a foundational understanding of HTTP proxy-based architectures and how HTTP messages flow through them.You’ll also learn how to use Node.js to implement a variety of architectural patterns commonly used to support continuous deployment. These examples will provide not only an architectural overview, but also code samples to enable development of customized solutions.Master modern HTTP architectures with an expert, in-depth look at agile development methods, proxies, proxy architecture, and message flowGet a playbook for blue/green deployment architecture with example code and Node modules requiredLearn Application Function partitioning as an efficient scaling strategy

Author: Lori A. MacVittie

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