Node.js By Example

Learn to use Node.js by creating a fully functional social network About This BookPlan and implement a modern Node.js applicationGet to know the most useful Node.js capabilitiesLearn how to create complex Node.js applicationsWho This Book Is ForIf you are a JavaScript developer with no experience with Node.js or server-side web development, this book is for you. It will lead you through creating a fairly complex social network. You will learn how to work with a database and create real-time communication channels.What You Will Learn Get to know the fundamentals of Node.js Understand why architecting is important and what the planning of a typical Node.js application looks like Successfully manage every web application asset such as CSS, JavaScript, or image files Implement the Model-View-Controller pattern in the context of a Node.js application Communicate with a database, including storing, retrieving, and deleting data Implement more complex features such as creating social network pages, tagging, sharing, and liking posts Create a real-time chat capability for users of the social network Explore how to test the user interface of your web application In DetailNode.js is a JavaScript-driven technology, which means that developers can use the same language to write backend code. Its growing community and the large amount of available modules make Node.js one of the most attractive development environments.Node.js By Example covers Node.js fundamentals and teaches you how to use its technology to architect a project. It shows you how to manage an application's assets and how to implement the Model-View-Controller pattern. The next few chapters demonstrate how to develop the features of your social network. It also empowers you to communicate with a database, including storing, retrieving, and deleting data. The book ends by discussing the most popular ways to test your user interface in an efficient way.

Author: Krasimir Tsonev

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