Object-Oriented JavaScript, 2nd Edition

Key FeaturesStart thinking in JavaScript - in a radically new wayLearn how to apply design patterns to experience the full capabilities of the languageWrite better and more maintainable JavaScript codeBook DescriptionRethink JavaScript with this complete and comprehensive guide to a unique and innovative approach to the leading language of web development. This book shows you everything you need to learn object oriented JavaScript, demonstrating valuable techniques and strategies that you can use to fully experience the impressive capabilities of the language. Dive deeper into JavaScript and explore its data structure, and learn how to put its objects to work to write more efficient and elegant code. With an object oriented approach to JavaScript you will optimize and improve your projects and productivity, and uncover a modern and forward-thinking development methodology.Gain an in-depth knowledge of JavaScript’s data structures, and learn how different components interact with one another. Look closely at numbers, Booleans and strings, and learn how arrays, loops and conditions help you to effectively manipulate and work with complex data using JavaScript. You’ll also find guidance and insight into the relationship between functions and objects, as well as accessible instructions on how to use them most effectively when working with JavaScript. Learn how to use prototypes, including augmenting built-in objects and learn coding patterns and design patterns to improve your JavaScript code.What you will learnHarness the full capabilities of JavaScript by learning effective coding patternsLearn high quality JavaScript design patterns to tackle common JavaScript development challengesDive in and learn JavaScript’s data structuresLearn how to use prototypesImprove script performanceFind out how an object oriented approach to JavaScript can improve your programs faster and more functional with other librariesAbout the AuthorsStoyan Stefanov is a Facebook engineer, author, and speaker. He talks regularly about web development topics at conferences and his blog www.phpied.com, and also runs a number of other sites, including JSPatterns.com—a site dedicated to exploring JavaScript patterns. Previously at Yahoo!, Stoyan was the architect of YSlow 2.0 and creator of the image optimization tool Smush.it.Kumar Chetan Sharma studied to be an electronics engineer and has always wanted to build an ultimate sound system. He then, by chance, got a part time job as a trainee HTML guy. From there he picked up CSS and JavaScript and there was no looking back. It was the time when JavaScript was used to validate forms or create fancy DHTML effects and IE6 was the only browser the world knew. He has been developing web applications since then, using LAMP stack. He has worked on white label social networking applications to web control panels for telecom and networked electrical charger infrastructures. He currently works as a frontend engineer for Yahoo! Search.Table of ContentsObject-oriented JavascriptPrimitive Data Types, Arrays, Loops, and ConditionsFunctionsObjectsPrototypeInheritanceThe Browser EnvironmentCoding and Design Patterns

Author: Stoyan Stefanov

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