PhoneGap 3, Beginner’s Guide, 2nd Edition

PhoneGap opens up mobile application development to more people by using HTML and JavaScript. This book gives you the know-how on all the essentials in friendly, example-driven tutorials that will empower you to do more. Overview Understand the fundamentals of cross-platform mobile application development from build to distribution Learn to implement the most common features of modern mobile applications Take advantage of native mobile device capabilities—including the camera, geolocation, and local storage—using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript In Detail You don’t have to know complex languages like Objective C to compete in the ever-growing mobile market place. The PhoneGap framework lets you use your web development skills to build HTML and JavaScript-based mobile applications with native wrappers that run on all the major mobile platforms, including Android, iOS, and Windows Phone 8. "PhoneGap Beginner’s Guide" will help you break into the world of mobile application development. You will learn how to set up and configure your mobile development environment, implement the most common features of modern mobile apps, and build rich, native-style applications. The examples in this book deal with real use case scenarios, which will help you develop your own apps, and then publish them on the most popular app stores. Dive deep into PhoneGap and refine your skills by learning how to build the main features of a real world app. "PhoneGap Beginner’s Guide" will guide you through the building blocks of a mobile application that lets users plan a trip and share their trip information. With the help of this app, you will learn how to work with key PhoneGap tools and APIs, extend the framework’s functionality with plug-ins, and integrate device features such as the camera, contacts, storage, and more. By the time you’re finished, you will have a solid understanding of the common challenges mobile app developers face, and you will know how to solve them. What you will learn from this book Set up and configure your development environment Manage cross-platform code bases Build well-performing modular apps Interact with the device sensors, file system, and camera Use key PhoneGap APIs Integrate native code in your mobile app Write a PhoneGap plugin Localize a mobile app Approach Written in a friendly, example-driven Beginner’s Guide format, there are plenty of step-by-step instructions to help you get started with PhoneGap. Who this book is written for If you are a web developer or mobile application developer interested in an examples-based approach to learning mobile application development basics with PhoneGap, then this book is for you.

Author: Giorgio Natili

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