Programming 3D Applications with HTML5 and WebGL: 3D Animation and Visualization for Web Pages

Create high-performance, visually stunning 3D applications for the Web, using HTML5 and related technologies such as CSS3 and WebGL—the emerging web graphics standard. With this book, you’ll learn how to use the tools, frameworks, and libraries for building 3D models and animations, mind-blowing visual effects, and advanced user interaction in both desktop and mobile browsers.In two parts—Foundations and Application Development Techniques—author Tony Parisi provides a thorough grounding in theory and practice for designing everything from a simple 3D product viewer to immersive games and interactive training systems. Ideal for developers with Javascript and HTML experience.Explore HTML5 APIs and related technologies for creating 3D web graphics, including WebGL, Canvas, and CSSWork with the popular JavaScript 3D rendering and animation libraries Three.js and Tween.jsDelve into the 3D content creation pipeline, and the modeling and animation tools for creating killer 3D contentLook into several game engines and frameworks for building 3D applications, including the author’s Vizi frameworkCreate 3D environments with multiple objects and complex interaction, using examples and supporting codeExamine the issues involved in building WebGL-based 3D applications for mobile browsers

Author: Tony Parisi

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