Programming: Computer Programming for Beginners – Learn the Basics of Java, SQL & C++

Learn. Create. Achieve. In a world that is dominated by the latest technologies, it seems necessary to practice and know our way around the buzz. When computers came about, everything automatically became easy for us. What we are now enjoying and taking advantage off rooted from a variety of smart individuals who developed different computer programs that have been considerably useful for us. Are you one of the passionate individuals who would like to contribute to the computer-programming world? Or you simply want to learn the art of programming or writing software. If you answered yes, then you came to the right place! Computers are only as smart as the person who owns it. Without our wit and command, computers aren’t capable of functioning like how we expect them to be. Programming: Computer Programming for Beginners Learn the Basics of Java, SQL & C++ is a book that will guide you on how to give specific instructions to your computer with the help of 3 basic programming languages. This Book Reveals The Following Information: • Basics of Computer Programming • Create Your Very Own: “Hello, World” • Learn how to use JavaScript • Learn how to use C++ Program • Learn how to use SQL • Important Things to Know About Programming • Glossary of Common Programming Terms By the end of this book, you will notice that in the world of programming, you and your computer will have a deeper understanding with each other. All it takes is a little bit of patience and more practice in order to convey the message that you want your computer to make out. Whether you want to be a programmer for fun, or hobby, doesn’t matter! This book will take you where you want to go, and give you a satisfying journey in the end! So what’s taking you so long?! BUY today and learn programming. You won’t regret it!

Author: Joseph Connor

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