Programming for Beginners: 3 Books in 1 – HTML+CSS+JavaScript: Basic Fundamental Guide for Beginners

So what's the best way to get that knowledge? There are a lot of guides about it. The problem with that is that a lot of guides just waste your time. They either underexplain things or they hold your hand far too much for you to really get anything. This audiobook aims to break that paradigm. Three audiobooks in one: HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. HTML: Are you an HTML beginner interested in building your very own web page from scratch? Do you have some experience working with other languages but would like to branch out? No matter what your skill level, as long as you have a text editor and a browser, you can learn the basics of HTML! With this audiobook, you can get familiar with how HTML works, understand the basics of the markup language, and apply what you've learned to create a unique and fully customized web page. Without HTML, using the Internet would be a vastly different experience, so it's no wonder so many people opt to learn the markup language. Whether you decide to explore HTML as a hobby or for use in a more professional setting, you'll soon gain a deep appreciation for the language and its applications. CSS: Do you have some experience building sites with basic HTML but want to take your projects to the next level? No matter what your previous experience is, as long as you have a browser and a simple text editor, you can learn the basics of CSS! With this audiobook, you can familiarize yourself with how CSS works, learn how to efficiently work with CSS selectors, and apply what you've learned to create beautifully styled simple web pages. JavaScript: So, you want to learn JavaScript. It makes sense - it's an extremely popular language that's used in most web applications. JavaScript is one of the best possible things you can learn in the age of the modern Internet, and you're inevitably going to end up using the knowledge constantly.  So, pick up your copy with this powerful three-audiobook-in-one Programming for Beginners audiobook and start building your confidence and skills and begin your journey to master the concepts of programming.

Author: MG Martin

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