React and React Native – Second Edition: Learn to build applications for web and mobile platforms with React and React Native

Dive into the world of React and React Native to Create powerful and intuitive applications for all major platformsKey FeaturesBuild React and React Native applications using familiar component conceptsDive deep into each platform, from routing in React to creating native mobile applications that can run offlineUse Facebook's Relay, React and GraphQL technologies, to create a unified architecture that powers both web and native applicationsBook DescriptionThis books takes you through the journey of using React 16 and React Native 0.5 to create powerful and engaging desktop mobile and native applications for all platforms.You start by learning how to start crafting composable UIs using React, from rendering with JSX and creating reusable components through to routing and creating isomorphic applications that run on Node.We then move on to showing you how to take the concepts of React and apply them to building Native UIs using React Native. You'll find out how to build responsive and streamlined UIs that can properly handle user interactions in a mobile environment. You'll also learn how to access device-specific APIs such as the geolocation API, and how to handle offline development with React Native.Read about handling the state of our applications and Unified Information Architecture and the use of Flux, Redux and Relay.Learn how Flux ideas are encapsulated within React components using Relay and apply all the skills learned so far to create a react application to run on every major platform.What you will learnLearn what has changed in React 16 and how you stand to benefit.Crafting Reusable components using React virtual DOM Using the React Native command-line tool to start new projectsAugmenting React components with GraphQL for data using RelayHandling state for architectural patterns using Flux.Building an application for web UIs using RelayWho This Book Is ForThis book is for any Javascript developer who wants to start learning React and React Native. JavaScript knowledge is assumedAbout the AuthorAdam Boduch has been involved with large-scale JavaScript development for nearly 10 years. Before moving to the front end, he worked on several large-scale cloud computing products, using Python and Linux. No stranger to complexity, Adam has practical experience with real-world software systems, and the scaling challenges they pose.He is the author of several JavaScript books, including React & React Native, and is passionate about innovative user experiences and high performance.

Author: Adam Boduch

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