React Cookbook: Create dynamic web apps with React using Redux, Webpack, Node.js, and GraphQL

Over 66 hands-on recipes that cover UI development, animations, component architecture, routing, databases, testing, and debugging with React Key FeaturesUse essential hacks and simple techniques to solve React application development challengesCreate native mobile applications for iOS and Android using React NativeLearn to write robust tests for your applications using Jest and EnzymeBook DescriptionToday's web demands efficient real-time applications and scalability. If you want to learn to build fast, efficient, and high-performing applications using React 16, this is the book for you. We plunge directly into the heart of all the most important React concepts for you to conquer. Along the way, you’ll learn how to work with the latest ECMAScript features.You'll see the fundamentals of Redux and find out how to implement animations. Then, you’ll learn how to create APIs with Node, Firebase, and GraphQL, and improve the performance of our application with Webpack 4.x. You'll find recipes on implementing server-side rendering, adding unit tests, and debugging. We also cover best practices to deploy a React application to production. Finally, you’ll learn how to create native mobile applications for iOS and Android using React Native.By the end of the book, you'll be saved from a lot of trial and error and developmental headaches, and you’ll be on the road to becoming a React expert.What you will learnGain the ability to wield complex topics such as Webpack and server-side renderingImplement an API using Node.js, Firebase, and GraphQLLearn to maximize the performance of React applicationsCreate a mobile application using React NativeDeploy a React application on Digital OceanGet to know the best practices when organizing and testing a large React applicationWho this book is forIf you’re a JavaScript developer who wants to build fast, efficient, scalable solutions, then you’re in the right place. Knowledge of React will be an advantage but is not required. Experienced users of React will be able to improve their skills.Table of ContentsWorking with ReactConquering Components and JSXHandling Events, Binding and Best React PackagesAdding Routes to our application with React Router Mastering Redux Creating Forms with Redux FormAnimations with ReactCreating an API with Node.js using MongoDB & MySQLApollo and GraphQL Mastering Webpack 4.x Implementing Server Side RenderingTesting and DebuggingDeploying to ProductionWorking with React Native

Author: Carlos Santana Roldan

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