React Native Cookbook

Key FeaturesBuild rich and engaging user experiences in React Native while maintaining peak application performanceLeverage the best of iOS and Android for React Native development while maximizing code reuse and cohesionImplement architecture patterns in your React Native application that support efficient data access, routing, and testingBook DescriptionReact has taken the web development world by storm. It is only natural that the unique architecture and its ecosystem of third-party support be applied to native application development. This book will take you through the basics of React Native development all the way through some more advanced components.In this book, we will cover topics in React Native ranging from adding basic UI components to successfully deploying for multiple target platforms. The book follows a top-down approach beginning with building rich user interfaces. These UIs will be created with both built-in and custom components that you will create, style and animate.You will then learn about different strategies for working with data, including leveraging the popular Redux library and optimizing the performance of the application. Then you will step further into exposing native device functionality. Finally, we will discuss how to put our application into production and maintain its reliability.What you will learnBuild simple and complex user interfaces using React NativeCreate advanced animations for UI componentsBuild universal apps that run on phones and tabletsLeverage Redux to manage application flow and dataExpose both custom native UI components and application logic to React NativeIntegrate with existing native applications on iOS and AndroidDeploy our React Native application to the Google Play and Apple App StoreAdd automated testing to our React Native applicationAbout the AuthorCrysfel Villa is a Sr. Software Engineer at Modus Create. He's a passionate JavaScript coder and an accomplished software developer with over 10 years of experience on technical training, consulting, and systems analysis. Crysfel loves to write about emerging technologies, he has deployed several apps to the Apple Store using React Native. He currently lives in NY and can be found attending tech meetups throughout the city, you can follow him on twitter (@crysfel).Stan Bershadskiy (@stan229) is an architect at Modus Create and holds a Master’s in Computer Science from NYIT. While doing full-stack development, he found working on the front-end most enjoyable because of the speed one can develop and switch focus toward JavaScript. Stan likes to involve himself in anything JavaScript-related, particularly around building rich applications for desktop, web, and mobile. He is located in New York City and can be found co-organizing NYC.JS Meetups. More recently, he has focused on promoting React Native by presenting at conferences and publishing blog posts.

Author: Crysfel Villa

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