React Native Tutorial: How to Start with React Native. Beginners Guide Book

This book is an exploration of React Native. The book begins by guiding you on how to install React Native and set it up on your system. In most programming languages, the programmer is allowed to create some components. The programmer might then need to customize the component later. React Native supports this via “props». This book excellently guides you in how to do that. Despite props, which can be used for controlling a fixed data, “state” can be used for controlling data which often changes. These have been explored in this book. You are also guided on how to use the JavaScript styling in your React Native app. Mobile apps need to get data from a user and then perform an action based on that data. This is discussed, as well as the ScrollView and ListView components, which are good for the presentation of long data. You are also guided on how to create animations as well as how to integrate your React Native app with the other apps.The following topics are discussed in this book:- Installation- Props- State- Style- Dealing with Text Input- The ScrollView- Networking- How to Integrate with Other Apps- Handling Touches- Animations

Author: Nicholas Brown

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