ReactJS: Become a professional in web app development (Javascript Frameworks) (Volume 3)

ReactJS Become a professional in web app development This book is an exploration of React, which is one of the available JavaScript libraries. The first part of this book is a guide to the reader on how to handle complex states in React JS. You will learn to do referencing in a List and within another reference. Baobab-react is explored in this section, along with how to use it for the purpose of passing a state to your components in React. A scrollable table is discussed, and how to create this in React. Calculations on how to get the rows and the columns for the table are given. With this kind of table, you will be able to add much content to it. The process of rendering on the server-side of your application in react is explained. This is done using the React-router and Redux. The book also guides you on how to create a Chrome extension in React. Visualization of data in React JS is also discussed in this book. You will also learn how to show exceptions in your app. The process of testing components in React is discussed as well as building a React menu. The following topics are covered in this book: Handling of Complex States Creating a Scrollable Table In React Rendering on the Server-Side Creating a Chrome Extension Data Visualization in React.js Showing Exceptions Testing React Components Building a Sliding Menu Creating a Dropdown React JS and Flux Architecture Download your copy of "ReactJS" by scrolling up and clicking "Buy Now With 1-Click" button.

Author: Todd Abel

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