ReactJS: Ultimate Beginners Guide

This book is a discussion about React.js, which is a JavaScript library. This library is very useful for the development of web apps. The first chapter of this book is an exploration of how to use React.js together with the Bootstrap framework. Bootstrap is very important in the development of responsive web pages. This book will guide you on how to use these two tools together for development of very amazing apps. In this section, you will learn how to create an editor similar to the one you use when composing an email. The two tools have been combined together and then a guide on how to create a form for composing an email created. Unit testing is also explored in this book. The book guides you on how to carry out unit testing in React.js. However, the guide covers how to do this using both React.js and Redux. The various tests which fall under unit testing are examined, including the middleware test and the Reduce tests. . The book also guides you on how to create a time picker in React.js. The various functions and libraries which can be used for doing this are discussed. An explanation of the classes used has been provided after each. The process of creating isomorphic apps in React.js has been presented step by step. React.js has been combined with the Baobab tree so as to do this. You will learn how to inject state into your app by the use of either “props” or “context.” Here is preview of what you’ll learn: React and Bootstrap Unit Testing Creating a Time Picker Isomorphic Apps Download your copy of ReactJS by scrolling up and clicking "Buy Now With 1-Click" button.

Author: Nathan Hull

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