This book stresses expertise in core web technologies―HTML, CSS, JavaScript, HTTP, REST, and others―and champions a short list of dos and don'ts to encourage good practices and consistent code organization. Discover this  web application architecture that offers an alternative to the technical debt of software-based frameworksModern web application development usually begins by deciding what web development frameworks will be used. Software frameworks lock in development technologies and limit the architecture and organization of project code. But frameworks come with a dark side―increased setup and learning time, limited features, inefficient execution, upgrade hassles, and an extreme dependence on the quality of another organization's code. If later on it is discovered that your chosen framework is causing more harm than good, it is too late to change.Learn about core technologies that form the basis of all web applicationsFollow along with code to build a web application with a rigorous architecture of Ajax and REST web servicesUse tricks and tips for improving clarity and usability for the end user (in the UI) and the programmer (in the code)What You Will Learn:Learn the nuts-and-bolts of HTTP and web serversTruly understand REST - not just throw around the term because the cool kids are doing itTips for writing clean, semantic HTML and CSSHow to wield the powerful hammer of AjaxUnderstand the difference between usable interfaces and stylish decorationsHow to build applications responsive to display size and JavaScript dependencyWho This Book is For:RESTful MVC is primarily aimed at experienced web and non-web software developers who are evaluating development tools such as Ruby-on-Rails, ASP.NET MVC, ASP.NET, django, and even front-end frameworks like Bootstrap and Angular.js. Because RESTful MVC is also a comprehensive method for web application development from design to deployment, it may also be valuable to skilled beginners.

Author: Chris Broski

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