RESTful Web API Design with Node.JS – Second Edition

Key FeaturesCreate a fully featured RESTful API solution from scratch.Learn how to leverage Node.JS, Express, MongoDB and NoSQL datastores to give an extra edge to your REST API design.Use this practical guide to integrate MongoDB in your Node.js application.Book DescriptionIn this era of cloud computing, every data provisioning solution is built in a scalable and fail-safe way. Thus, when building RESTful services, the right choice for the underlying platform is vital. Node.js, with its asynchronous, event-driven architecture, is exactly the right choice to build RESTful APIs.This book will help you enrich your development skills to create scalable, server-side, RESTful applications based on the Node.js platform.Starting with the fundamentals of REST, you will understand why RESTful web services are better data provisioning solution than other technologies. You will start setting up a development environment by installing Node.js, Express.js, and other modules. Next, you will write a simple HTTP request handler and create and test Node.js modules using automated tests and mock objects. You will then have to choose the most appropriate data storage type, having options between a key/value or document data store, and also you will implement automated tests for it. This module will evolve chapter by chapter until it turns into a full-fledged and secure Restful service.What you will learnInstall, develop, and test your own Node.js user modulesComprehend the differences between an HTTP and a RESTful applicationOptimize RESTful service URI routing with best practicesEliminate third-party dependencies in your tests with mockingLearn about NoSQL data stores and integrate MongoDB in your Node.js application with MongooseSecure your services with NoSQL database integration within Node.js applicationsEnrich your development skills to create scalable, server-side, RESTful applications based on the Node.js platformAbout the AuthorValentin Bojinov studied computer programming at the Technological School of Electronic Systems in Sofia, Bulgaria, a college within the Technical University of Sofia. He was introduced to programming there and realized that his career would be in research and development. He holds a BSc in telecommunication and information engineering. Then, his interest in data transmission grew, and he ventured into B2B (business-to-business) communication. He is currently pursuing his MSc in software development. Valentin is an expert in Java, SOAP, RESTful web services, and B2B integration.A few years after he started his career as a .NET developer, he realized that B2B and SOA were his passion. He then moved to SAP, where he contributed to the development of the web services stack of the SAP JEE platform. He currently works as a senior Java developer for the Bulgarian branch of Seeburger AG, a leader in the B2B and MFT solutions market. There, he develops and maintains several B2B communication adapters, including web services and SAP adapters.Table of ContentsREST – What You Did Not KnowGetting Started with Node.jsBuilding a Typical Web APIUsing NoSQL DatabasesImplementing a Fully-Fledged RESTful ServiceKeeping the Bad Guys Out

Author: Valentin Bojinov

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