Secrets Of The JavaScript Language

JavaScript is important. That wasn’t always so, but it’s true now.Web applications are expected to give users a rich user interface experience, and without JavaScript, you might as well just be showing pictures of kittens. More than ever, web developers need to have a sound grasp of the language that brings life toweb applications.And like orange juice and breakfast, JavaScript isn’t just for browsers anymore. The language has knocked down the walls of the browser and is being used on the server in engines such as Rhino and V8, and in frameworks like Node.js.Although this book is primarily focused on JavaScript for web applications, the fundamentals of the language presented in part 2 of this book are applicable across the board.With more and more developers using JavaScript, it’s now more important than ever that they grasp its fundamentals, so that they can become true ninjas of the language.

Author: Clarence P. Drum

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