Serverless Web Applications with React and Firebase: Develop real-time applications for web and mobile platforms

Cover bases on React, Redux and Firebase to develop rich, collaborative applications using only client side code.Key FeaturesA practical guide covering the full stack for web development with React and FirebaseLeverage the power of Real-Time databases to develop UI rich web applications.Develop high performance applications without the hassle of setting up complex web infrastructure.Book DescriptionReal-time applications have dominated the field of web applications for years. Real-time isn't limited to only displaying data as soon as it's available. It shows its real power when used with interactive experiences in which users and systems can instantly communicate with one another. With features like virtual DOM and declerative views React proves to be a better fit for such real-time applications. Firebase makes building and rapid-prototyping these kinds of applications simpler by letting you focus on how the application should behave and look, without getting bogged down in the more tedious parts of real-time development.This book covers essentials for React, Redux and Firebase. You’ll learn the skills you need to design create and maintain professional apps. This book would cover bases on all the tools necessary to develop rich, collaborative applications using only client side code. We also leverages the power of Redux to organize the data in the front-end. Towards the end of the book you would have improved your React skills by realizing the potential of Firebase to create real-time serverless web applications.This book provides more practical insights rather than just theoretical concepts and includes basic to advanced examples – from hello world to a real time seat booking app and location tracking app.What you will learnImprove React skills with the potential of Firebase to create real-time serverless web applicationsLearn/Improve Firebase skillsExplore power of Redux with FirebaseLearn faster prototyping without worrying about new server side technologyDevelop a React app syncing data in real timeWho This Book Is ForThis book is for javascript web developers who have some previous knowledge of React and want to start developing real-time applications with Firebase.About the AuthorHarmeet Singh is a Lead Software Engineer working for CIGNEX Datamatics with varied experience in UI. He hails from the holy city of Amritsar, India. His expertise includes HTML5, CSS, Less, Sass, JavaScript, jQuery, Angular JS, Angular 2, ReactJs, Firebase and Node.js. His interests include music, sports, dancing, and adventure. Harmeet has given various presentations and conducted many workshops on UI development. On the academic front, Harmeet is a graduate in IT, and is a GNIIT diploma holder from NIIT, specializing in software engineering.Mayur Tanna is a Senior Big Data Consultant working with CIGNEX Datamatics. He has lot of experience working with back-end technologies, databases and various cloud platforms. His expertise include Node.js, Java, Angular, React, HTML, CSS, MongoDB, MySQL and various cloud platforms like AWS, Google Cloud and WIndows Azure. Mayur has worked on different big data projects with high value with international clients. He holds a Master's degree in Computer Application with distinction. He is passionate about learning new technologies. In his free time, he plays Table tennis and Cricket.

Author: Harmeet Singh

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