Starting Programming With JavaScript: Fundamentals Of The The JavaScript Computer Language From Someone Who Has Taught It. A Really Good Book For Those With No Previous Knowledge.

What do you know about the JavaScript computing language?Are you keen to use it?You should be. It is a vital part of the Internet. If you want a job which is fascinating and challenging then MASTER Javascript.This book will tell you about fundamental, elementary JavaScript in a simple yet factual way that does not blind the reader with too much jargon. It will tell you about basic commands, comments, operations, strings, arrays and many other parts of this computer language, as well as general information about computers.There are 6 chapters, which cover basic information, sequential programming, iterative programming, conditional programming, dynamic programming, and problems to try and further investigation. Each chapter will provide a stepping-stone to further exploration if so desired. If you wish to master JavaScript you must know its basics inside and out. This book thoroughly covers those basics.Having mastered the JavaScript of this book how far can you go?The sky is the limit as regards this. Here are some things you can learn how to do:(i) Learn about timers and how you can use them to make sliders and other picture displays;(ii) Learn about Object Oriented Programming using JavaScript;(iii) Learn how to create persistent databases in a web page;(iv) Learn how to access and manipulate external databases;(v) Build apps using several different technologies, including Adobe PhoneGap Build;You can do almost anything with JavaScript. Get this book and get started!

Author: Rory Barrett

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