SurviveJS – Webpack: From apprentice to master

Webpack, a module bundler, is a powerful tool that helps you to develop complex web applications. "SurviveJS - Webpack" is meant for beginner to intermediate users of the tool wanting to understand webpack better. You will develop a complex configuration in the book tutorial while covering different facets of webpack. In addition, the 45 short chapters and seven appendices work as a reference. Even though the book has been designed around webpack, many of the techniques covered go beyond it. You will learn to improve the quality of your code while becoming aware of optimization techniques that help you to deliver more performant web applications. The book was developed in collaboration with the webpack community, and its structure has evolved accordingly. A third of royalties go to Tobias Koppers, the author of the tool. The writer is a core developer of webpack so by purchasing this book you will support the effort in multiple ways. Testimonials After weeks failing at configuring webpack, I stumbled upon SurviveJS book while looking for yet another tutorial. Since that day, it has been my go-to resource for every single webpack question I ever had. - Clément Paris, Front-end engineer Brilliant! A must have if you want to to learn webpack but also if need an updated reference guide. I always use it as a reference guide when I develop. - Andrea Chiumenti, CEO, Red Software Systems Before I worked through the SurviveJS webpack book, my own webpack config, cobbled together from random code on the Internet, was a mystery to me. Afterwards, I have route-splitting and parallel-loading superpowers. - Gavin Doughtie, Senior Software Engineer, Google Webpack is powerful but configuring it can be painful. Same goes with React. There are so many ways of configuring React with asset compilation, minification etc that it is easy to get lost. This book provides practical tips on how to proceed. - Neeraj Singh, Founder, Big Binary This guide was a great starter in taming the Wild West of ESNext-era JavaScript development. Its beauty comes from its commitment to not skipping the fundamentals in favor of a fast demo, but making sure you're understanding what you're doing as you bootstrap your next JavaScript-based UI project. - Aaron Harris, Software Engineer This guide is a great way to get started with webpack or improve your existing skills. After a detailed introduction, you'll start working on a webpack project that provides all you need to push your app to production. Highly recommended. - Julien Castelain, Software Engineer, Liferay About Author Juho Vepsäläinen is behind the SurviveJS effort, and he is a core member of webpack. In addition to Reactabular, a table library, he has been active in the open source scene for a decade, and his past includes projects like Blender.

Author: Mr Juho Tuomas Vepsäläinen

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