Teach Yourself WeChat Full Stack Programming in 7 Days: With NodeJS & WeChat MiniProgram

We will build a WeChat mini program from scratch, for both the front-end and the back-end. We will walk you through the complete development process: from setting up development environment, coding and debugging, to setting up and deploying to a remote server in a cloud. Upon the completion of this book, you'll be confident about developing a WeChat mini program all by yourself.This book is written for any programmer - beginner or expert - who wants to try WeChat programming and NodeJS server-side programming. No knowledge of JavaScript or any other programming language is needed. No knowledge of Linux server commands is needed. All the steps in this book are presented with full source code and screenshots. You are recommended to use the Kindle App for Mac or Windows to read this book, so that you can copy the source code directly from the book to your program.All you need is a computer (Mac or Windows) with Internet access. If needed, you can contact the author for a WeChat Mini Program practice account (free for 14 days), with a proof of purchase of this book.For experienced JavaScript programmers, this book contains a full stack framework for WeChat programming. The framework is based on FeathersJS, and has been used in many of our projects. It is simple, fast and extensible. If you also like this framework and are looking for work, contact the author. Our company is always looking for talented programmers.中英双语: 本书是英文版和中文版的合订本, 中文版在后半本.

Author: Jeff Ma

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