The Angular Firebase Survival Guide: Build Angular Apps on a Solid Foundation with Firebase

Are you ready to go beyond the basics with Angular/Firebase and launch your app into production? The Angular Firebase Survival Guide is a non-linear toolkit with 50 code snippets (supported by videos) that solve common challenges, prevent pitfalls, and demonstrate real-world app features. This book is about producing realtime Angular 4 applications - it's NOT about high level programming theories or low level Angular architecture concepts. This book is for developers who…- Want to build real world apps.- Enjoy quick problem-solution style tutorials. - Have basic JavaScript, HTML, and CSS skills- Have some Angular 2/4 experience (such as the Heroes Demo on the end of the book, you will know how to authenticate users, handle realtime database streams, upload files, trigger background tasks, deploy your app, collect payments, and much more.

Author: Jeff Delaney

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