The Angular Tutorial: Learn Front-End Development and Automated Testing with Angular

The Angular Tutorial teaches you how to develop, test, and deploy a modern front-end web application using the Angular framework. The Angular Tutorial teaches the Angular framework with an approach that simulates how a front-end developer would use Angular on the job. Many tutorials cut corners on specific concepts or features within a web framework which leave gaps between what is learned and what a developer can expect on the job. In The Angular Tutorial, you’ll be introduced to Angular in a way that’s as “real world” as possible. In other books, interacting with a real API and database is often skipped with hard-coded values used as a substitute. Topics such as automated testing are usually skipped entirely. In The Angular Tutorial, you’ll be provided an API that you’ll setup just as you would as a front-end developer in a real job. Throughout the rest of the book you’ll then learn how to read the API’s documentation, creating and deploying a fully tested Angular application that interacts with a real database and API.

Author: Adam Morgan

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