The Handbook for Beginning Programmers with Examples in JavaScript

Jammed full of hands on exercises and computer programming examples, this book will help you avoid frustration as you learn computer programming. From this book you will learn how to program a computer to perform calculations, make decisions, and repeat commands. You will learn how to organize your programs into functions and how to use arrays to store and process large amounts of data. The examples in this book include Weather converting between Celsius and Fahrenheit, computing the U.S. National Weather Service wind chill factor, Business computing miles per gallon, computing net pay, computing a sales discount based on the day of the week, computing compound interest, computing the future value of an investment, computing the payment and payoff amounts for a fixed interest loan, determining how long to invest in order to reach a target amount, Unit Conversions converting quarts to liters, converting meters to miles, Fun converting Arabic numbers to Roman numerals, a number guessing game, Math computing the volume of a cylinder, computing the distance between two points, computing the volume of a cylinder, computing roots using the quadratic formula, determining if a number is prime, printing the Fibonacci series, computing the area of a triangle, computing the visible surface area of a pyramid, finding the greatest common divisor of two numbers, Arrays creating an array, filling an array, reversing an array, finding a value in an array, sorting an array, multiplying the values in an array, rotating the elements of an array to the right, Text reverse a string of text, count the occurrences of a character within text, extract the family name from a person's full name, and more.

Author: Rex Barzee

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