The Minimum JavaScript You Should Know When You Code React & Redux

Well, okay, the title is a bit exaggerated. It should probably read “The *Recommended* JavaScript You Should Know When You Code React & Redux”. But then again, it will be less click-baity, less controversial, and most certainly generate less sales! That aside, if you pick this book, chances are your team is migrating to React/ Redux or your architecture team has decided that the React/ Redux is the “strategic” UI framework to adopt for the enterprise. You searched on Google for “react redux tutorial” and you found lots of JavaScript syntaxes alien (probably because you're from a Java/ C# background and the last time you coded JavaScript was a tiny validation script using JQuery in 2008). But that’s no biggie! You embrace the virtue of continuous learning. You brag about: "I'm a polyglot developer yo!". And then, you decided to get several books on JavaScript: probably Eloquent JavaScript, JavaScript Allonge or even Understanding ES6. But Argh! they are all too verbose. Most of all, you are **not** a programming noob! You know what variables and conditional constructs are. You simply don't have time to waste on these basics. Well, I've been there too buddy. And that's why I wrote this pocket book (aka cheatsheet) to prep people like you transition quickly from basic JavaScript & intermediate programming knowledge to being able to productively follow through React/ Redux tutorials on the web. Godspeed!

Author: Tomy Jaya

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