TypeScript in Plain Language: A Comprehensive Starting Up Guide  For Complete Beginners  An Easier and Safer Way To Write JavaScript Code

Write powerful JavaScript programs using TypeScript. This book was written to get you started. Learning TypeScript is the fastest way to get comfortable with JavaScript.You'll learn all the basics by practicing creating variables, functions, interfaces, classes, modules... JavaScript has never been easier!TypeScript In Plain Language will not make you a TypeScriptexpert (and it shouldn't), but it will put you in the right direction by giving you the necessary foundation to take the rest of the journey onyour own.All exercises and editing tools are readily available online and noinstallation is needed. Grab this book, get online and let's startcoding. TypeScript is simply powerful and a lot more interesting thancoding in JavaScript alone.This hand-on approach will show you how to write correct TypeScript syntax in order to create advanced JavaScript results. It does not assume any prior knowledge from you, except the normal computer basic skills (and perhaps some very basic JavaScript).JavaScript developers, learn how to write in TypeScript, step by stepCreate variables and data types, functions, objects, arrays and loopsSee how scope, execution environments and casting worksBuild Interfaces, Classes and Modules with immediate results in JavaScriptTypeScript allows for ES6 features while creating your project. Then the code is compiled to work with all current browsersLearn by doing right from the beginning. This is a syntax hands-on project.This book of exercises introduces basic TypeScript syntax and assists you on understanding more complex literature as found in print or on the web. Like all of the other books from the same author, its purpose is to empower the reader by providing a solid beginning to TypeScript syntax and language semantics.At the end of this short book, empty your cup and return to the beginning. Practice, practice, practice...This is a book about programming. It uses the online TypeScript Playground for most exercises. The idea is to learn TypeScript syntax by practicing concepts, instead of running at high speed from the start. By the end of the book, the reader and student will be ready to tackle more difficult material such as the one found in other more expensive books and online articles.Do not worry about the simplicity of the playground. It is actually very useful when it comes to learning code and its testing capabilities are amazingly productive. For what we cover in this book (and we cover a lot), the playground is the best tool of all.What are the requirements for TypeScript in Plain Language?The author assumes the reader knows basic JavaScript such as variables, functions, loops and arrays. However, most concepts of JavaScript that apply to the topics treated in the book will be reviewed as each topic is approached. If you need to refresh your JavaScript syntax skills prior to reading this book, the first book on this series will be sufficient: "Solid Steps Into JavaScript (Kindle version only).This book is also available for Kindle or the  free Kindle App. Welcome to the TypeScript fan club!

Author: Tony de Araujo

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