TypeScript in Plain Language Volume 2: Namespaces, Modules, and a Gentle Introduction to the Angular CLI (Teach-Yourself To Program Book 3)

This book was written after the launching of TypeScript 2 and Angular 2.It covers current syntax as of mid-November 2016. The exercise samples are published online and they will be updated when necessary.This book is not an introduction to TypeScript. Basic TypeScript was introduced on Volume 1 which has also been updated. Here we continue to learn TypeScript by introducing Namespaces and Modules.The first part of this book shows how to setup a local development environment away from the TypeScript Playground. This is done by using Node, NPM and TypeScript.Then we learn about Modules.The third part of this book is an up to date introduction to Angular 2 and the new Angular-cli. Familiarity with TypeScript Modules and Classes will start paying off at this point in learning.The book is packed with simple exercises that do not take much time to do and cover solid concepts one must know before getting into more difficult programming.This book is practical, written in plain language, and short enough to keep the reader focused.Volume 3 will be published in January 2017 and it follows through with more advanced concepts. Volumes 1 and 2 are essential prerequisites for Volume 3.

Author: Tony de Araujo

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