Typescript Jumpstart (Angular University)

This book is aimed at experienced developers that want to get a deeper understanding of Typescript. If you have been trying to learn or use Typescript and would now like to go deeper into the language and learn how to make the most of its powerful type system, then this book is for you.What is the core value proposition of this book?Sit down in one evening with this book, and learn the key aspects of the language and its type system that might take months of experience and long stackoverflow sessions to gather the hard way. Feel comfortable using Typescript on a daily basis, learn quickly the fundamentals of the language so that you can focus on other things.Why a Fast-track Guide to Typescript?Typescript combines many of the best features of statically-typed languages, together with some of the best features of dynamically-typed languages.So this means that if you already know one of the following: Javascript /ES6, Java, C#, Ruby Python, you will notice many overlapping features. So you already know a lot about Typescript, and only really need to learn what is unique about it.A deceivingly familiar languageActually, many developers using Typescript for example for building Angular programs can jump right into it and use the language without any formal training, because the language looks so familiar.But you will notice that some things don't work as expected: for example, compiler error messages show up for something that apparently should just work.The problem is that the Typescript type system works in a very different way than the type systems of the most popular statically typed languages, and there are good reasons for that. I'm a Javascript Developer, is this book for me?If you are afraid that using Typescript means a lot of ceremony and verbosity for just a bit of tooling, in this book you will learn that we can actually have the best of both worlds in Typescript: we can write very concise code with almost no type annotations, but still benefit from all the tooling like auto-completion and refactoring working out-of-the-box. What this book is notThis book is not a complete reference to the Typescript language. Instead, it focuses on the Type System and the Typescript Type Definitions, which are the unique differentiating features of the language.

Author: Angular University

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