Unraveling Angular 2: The Ultimate Beginners Guide with over 150 Complete Samples (Unraveling Series Book 8)

You can learn Angular 2 from this book in a relaxing way. The author goes on with the approach of the Unraveling series and explains all fundamental Angular concepts in details with tons of examples. Contents at a glance: Chapter 1: A Short Tour of Angular 2 Chapter 2: Creating Simple Applications Chapter 3: Using Powerful Angular Concepts Chapter 4: Accessing Backend Services Chapter 5: Templates, Directives, and Components Chapter 6: Services and Dependency Injection Chapter 7: Form Management Chapter 8: The Component Router Chapter 9: Working with Interacting Components Chapter 10: Pipes Chapter 11: Observables Contact me: You can contact me through this e-mail: dotneteer@hotmail.com

Author: Istvan Novak

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