Video and Audio for the Web: Quick Guides for Masterminds

Learn how to include video and audio on your website. After reading this guide, you will know how to load a media file, how to add subtitles, and how to access the camera and the microphone to include live video in your documents.Table of ContentsMEDIAVideoVideo FormatsAudioMEDIA APIVideo PlayerClosed CaptioningTEXTTRACK APIReading TracksReading CuesAdding TracksSTREAM APICapturing MediaThe MediaStreamTrack objectQUICK REFERENCEVideoAudioMediaClosed CaptioningText TracksStreamingThis guide assumes that you have a basic knowledge of HTML, CSS and JavaScript, and you know how to create files and upload them to a server. If you don't know how to program in HTML, CSS or JavaScript, you can download our guides Introduction to HTML, Introduction to CSS, and Introduction to JavaScript. For a complete course on web development, read our book HTML5 for Masterminds.This guide is a collection of excerpts from the book HTML5 for Masterminds. The information included in this guide will help you understand a particular aspect of web development, but it will not teach you everything you need to know to develop a website or a web application. If you need a complete course on web development, read our book HTML5 for Masterminds. For more information, visit our website at

Author: J.D Gauchat

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