Web App Development Book: Guide to Ember.js

This book is an exploration of Ember JS, which is a Java Script framework. The book begins by exploring controllers in depth. You will learn how to create controllers, as well as injecting dependencies or connections between different controllers. Models, which are a very important part of applications, are discussed. You will learn how to create models in Ember JS. The book guides you on how to perform several operations on the models such as persisting, updating, and deleting them. The various types of relationships between models are also examined, showing ii you how to implement these in your apps. The book also guides you on how to handle metadata and the various ways to customize these in Ember JS. The various application concerns associated with Ember JS are explained, and you will learn how to handle them. These include dependency injections, dealing with services, initializers, and others. Here is preview of what you’ll learn:

Author: David V.

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