Web Application Development with R using Shiny – Second Edition

Key FeaturesUse Shiny's built-in functions to produce engaging user interfaces, and integrate them into your own web pagesImplement powerful user-contributed packages to access graphics from the web, make your own dashboards, use interactive maps, and moreExtend Shiny using JavaScript and jQuery with minimal coding using this handy, step-by-step guideBook DescriptionR is a highly flexible and powerful tool for analyzing and visualizing data. Most of the applications built using various libraries with R are desktop-based. But what if you want to go on the web? Here comes Shiny to your rescue!Shiny allows you to create interactive web applications using the excellent analytical and graphical capabilities of R. This book will guide you through basic data management and analysis with R through your first Shiny application, and then show you how to integrate Shiny applications with your own web pages. Finally, you will learn how to finely control the inputs and outputs of your application, along with using other packages to build state-of-the-art applications, including dashboards.What you will learnBuild interactive applications using Shiny's built-in widgetsUse the built-in layout functions in Shiny to produce user-friendly applicationsIntegrate Shiny applications with web pages and customize them using HTML and CSSHarness the power of JavaScript and jQuery to customize your applicationsEngage your users and build better analytics using interactive plotsDebug your applications using Shiny's built-in functionsDeliver simple and powerful analytics across your organization using Shiny dashboardsShare your applications with colleagues or over the Internet using cloud services or your own serverAbout the AuthorChris Beeley works for Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust as the lead analyst and programmer for staff and patient experience. He uses a variety of open source tools (PHP/MySQL, Apache, R, Shiny, and Ubuntu) to collect, collate, analyze, and report on patient and staff experience throughout the organization. He was the author of the previous edition of this book.He has been a keen user of R and a passionate advocate of open source tools in research and healthcare settings, having completed his PhD. He has made extensive use of R (and Shiny) to automate analysis and report on a new patient feedback website. This was funded by a grant from the NHS Institute for Innovation and made in collaboration with staff, service users, and carers within the Trust, particularly individuals from the Involvement Centre.Table of ContentsGetting Started with R and Shiny!Building Your First ApplicationBuilding Your Own Web Pages with ShinyTaking Control of Reactivity, Inputs, and OutputsAdvanced Applications I – DashboardsAdvanced Applications II – Using JavaScript Libraries in Shiny ApplicationsSharing Your Creations

Author: Chris Beeley

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