WebGL Beginners Guide – Second Edition: Dive into the world of 3D web programming with JavaScript and WebGL 2.0

Become a master of 3D Web Programming in WebGL and JavascriptKey FeaturesA practical guide for developing cool-looking 3D web applications using JavaScript and WebGL 2.0Deep dive into 3D programming by learning textures, Lighting, geometry, and colors.Unlock a variety of new graphics features and rendering techniques with WebGL 2.0Book DescriptionWebGL is a new web technology that brings hardware-accelerated 3D graphics to the browser without installing additional software. As WebGL is based on OpenGL and brings in a new concept of 3D graphics programming to web development, it may seem unfamiliar to even experienced Web developers.Packed with many examples, this book shows how WebGL can be easy to learn despite its unfriendly appearance. Each chapter addresses one of the important aspects of 3D graphics programming and presents different alternatives for its implementation. The topics are always associated with exercises that will allow the reader to put the concepts to the test in an immediate manner.WebGL Beginner's Guide presents a clear road map to learning WebGL. Each chapter starts with a summary of the learning goals for the chapter, followed by a detailed description of each topic. The book offers example-rich, up-to-date introductions to a wide range of essential WebGL topics, including drawing, color, texture, transformations, framebuffers, light, surfaces, geometry, and more. With each chapter, you will "level up" your 3D graphics programming skills. This book will become your trustworthy companion filled with the information required to develop cool-looking 3D web applications with WebGL and JavaScript.What you will learnUnderstand the structure of a WebGL applicationBuild and render 3D objects with WebGLLoad complex models using JSON and AJAXSet up a lighting model using shaders, physics of light reflection, and lighting strategiesCreate a camera and use it to move around a 3D sceneUse texturing, lighting and shading techniques to add greater realism to 3D scenesImplement selection of objects in a 3D scene with the mouseAdvanced techniques to create more visually complex and compelling scenesWho This Book Is ForThis book for JavaScript developers who are interested in 3D web development.A basic understanding of the DOM object model, the JQuery library, AJAX, and JSON is ideal but not required. No prior WebGL knowledge is expected.About the AuthorFarhad Ghayour is a technology consultant based out of San Francisco, CA, where he helps transform Fortune 500 companies worldwide. Currently, he is focused on solutions at the intersection of computer graphics, vision and machine learning. Previously, he was a core contributor to the Famous open source 3D WebGL rendering engine, lead software engineer at various innovative startups around the world, philosophy teacher, and investment banker. He is passionate about all things philosophy, math, code and design — and every so often you can find him in the high horsepower car racing scene.

Author: Farhad Ghayour

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